Watch Will Smith go absolutely wild with a flamethrower in slow motion

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Will Smith collaborated with The Slow Mo Guys to decimate a lot of stuff in moderate movement, and the outcome is shockingly purifying.

Smith, who has featured in a considerable amount of activity films, utilized those acting muscles to lift the moderate mo experience. He took a bat to a watermelon, a goliath sharp edge to a watermelon (it was an awful day for melons), a potato firearm to a vehicle (with, uh, amazingly constrained achievement), and most thrillingly, he propelled a very Gemini Man-themed flamethrower assault on a mannequin of his more youthful self.

“Kick the bucket, you messy youthful me attempting to murder the bygone me! Ahhhhhhhh,” he shouts alarmingly, holding down the trigger as the blazes crush more youthful Will.

“Makes you feel incredible,” Smith commented over the repercussions. “I believe I will get a flamethrower.”

PSA: Avoid the Smith family unit no matter what.

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