Sensitive Nature-Inspired Tattoos are Perfectly Placed on the Wearer’s Body

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South Korean tattoo craftsman Le jardin de Zihwa, referred to just as Zihwa, makes fragile drawings on the skin. Settling on delicate dark concealing and flimsy lines created with a solitary needle, her style favors nuance with delicate concealing and sensible rendering. The stylish is fitting for her tendency roused topic; the blossoming florals, crawling snakes, and shy foxes review specialized drawings you may find in a course reading. Zihwa’s structures, be that as it may, causes the conceivably unobtrusive drawings to appear to be supernatural, and they feel like piece of a fantasy on scratched skin.

Zihwa was initially prepared as a visual fashioner and started her inking profession quite a long while back. The architect’s preparation is obvious in the position of her tattoos, and her delineations regularly fold over pieces of the body in an intentional manner—like they were constantly implied there. In one tattoo, a snake trails down the center of a customer’s chest while another plan grandstands how blooms and flying creatures are an ideal fit on the neck as they settle just underneath the ear.

Since picking up distinction as a tattooer, Zihwa has begun to make items dependent on her drawings. Any semblance of hand mirrors, pockets, and transitory tattoos are currently accessible in her online shop.

Artist Le jardin de Zihwa creates fine-line tattoos inspired by the delicate beauty of nature.

The soft drawings are perfectly placed on the skin—they look as though they were always meant to be on the wearer.

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