Matt Lauer Exposed Himself To ‘Today’ Show Producer While Making Small Talk After Work Event, Report Says

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Matt Lauer presented himself to a Today show maker as the two made casual discussion during an organization party, another report claims.

The 2010 episode was highlighted in columnist Ronan Farrow’s book Catch and Kill, which gives new subtleties to the sexual maltreatment charges against the disrespected previous TV stay. As the New York Post’s Page Six revealed, Farrow composed that Lauer had presented himself to Melissa Lonner, who functioned as the show’s excitement booker, as they talked in private after a work occasion.

The report says that Lauer asked Lonner to leave a work occasion held at the NBC home office in Manhattan and go along with him in his office.

Although Lonner thought it would be a professional meeting, Lauer closed the door, and as he made small talk about the cocktail party they had just attended, ‘he unzipped his pants and exposed his erect penis,’ the book says.”

Lonner rebuked his advances, saying she would not like to get physically involved with him “where every other person has done it,” the report guaranteed. Lauer reacted that he “figured she enjoyed it grimy” however then became irate and considered her a “f*cking bother” and blamed her for driving him on.

The book proceeds to state that Lonner talked about the occurrence to Lauer’s individual stay, Ann Curry. After the occurrence, Lonner was worried about the possibility that that Lauer could utilize his capacity to harm her vocation and asked Curry also her name. She at that point attempted to secure another position, however NBC officials disclosed to her that Lauer demanded that she remain.

Lonner wound up being terminated in 2013, yet was offered a six-figure settlement from NBC to sign an “arrival of rights” understanding that she accepted was intended to shield her from discussing the episode.

The new story comes only days after another previous NBC maker blamed Lauer for assaulting her. Brooke Nevils said that Lauer constrained himself on her while they were covering the Sochi Olympics in 2014. Lauer reacted with an announcement calling Nevils a “willing accomplice,” inciting her to stand up straightforwardly.

“There’s a Matt Lauer that a huge number of Americans viewed on TV each morning for two decades. Also, there is the Matt Lauer who early today endeavored to menace a previous associate into quietness,” she said in an announcement, by means of Deadline.

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