Jack-O’-Lanterns Glow With Incredible Pop Culture-Inspired Designs

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From spooktastic cosmetics to inventive outfits, Halloween is an energizing time to flaunt your imagination. For pumpkin cutting craftsman Alex Wer (otherwise known as The Pumpkin Geek), tis the season for him to sparkle. Yet rather than cut triangle eyes and abnormal grins, the honor winning innovative artworks custom pumpkin carvings enlivened by motion picture characters and popular culture symbols. Wer’s hand-cut magnum opuses are so amazing, it would be a disgrace for them to shrivel away every year. That is the reason he hand-cuts onto fake art pumpkins, so they’ll keep going forever.

Wer started pumpkin cutting 10 years back (during Halloween of 2009) when his better half inquired as to whether he could cut a jack-o’- lamp highlighting her organization’s logo. His “orange realm” started to develop and in 2013, he even won the debut Geekie Award for Best Art/Craft. In 2017, Wer quit his normal everyday employment to seek after pumpkin cutting full time, and his act of pure trust satisfied—he has made pumpkin workmanship for Netflix, ESPN, Legendary Entertainment, and has even been highlighted in People Magazine.

It’s obvious to perceive any reason why Wer’s pumpkin workmanship is so well known—each hand-cut figure includes an amazing measure of detail. To accomplish this, the craftsman built up his own “4 shading” cutting method, including slicing and cutting various layers to make profundity. “1 region is totally pattern, 2 distinct degrees of profundity, lastly, a layer immaculate for the darkest bit of the picture,” clarifies Wer. “I discovered this style gave me extraordinary adaptability and the most sensible last item and appeared to intrigue my customers!” Each pumpkin can take as long as 6 hours to finish, contingent upon the multifaceted nature of the plan. The craftsman says, “I have now climbed to 5 layers of cutting… continually attempting to understand that ‘flawless cut!'”

Pumpkin carving artist Alex Wer (aka The Pumpkin Geek) crafts custom jack-o’-lanterns inspired by movie characters and pop culture icons.



Each detailed design is hand-carved onto faux craft pumpkins, so they’ll last forever!



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